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edition of the Flora Indica, he obtained numerous species of the plants of India, particularly of Napaul.

From M. Ludwig, through the kindness of his friends Leutner and Saynisch he became possessed of the rare and interesting species from South Africa,

By W. J. Hooker, Esq. of Glascow, author of a Monograph of the Jungermaniæ and the Flora Scotica, he was furnished among others, with specimens of those hardy tribes of plants, which had been brought by Captain Parry, from the polar regions of North America. James Reed, Esq. of this city supplied the plants of China.

A very valuable collection from Labrador, was presented by his friend, Kohlmeister, Moravian missionary at Nain, in that country.

The labours of Mr. Martius enabled him to send to to the herbarium of our deceased benefactor, the botanical treasures of Brazil.

Our worthy correspondent, Dr. Hering, furnished those which adorn the fertile plains of Surinam, and Major Leconte, of the United States' army, placed in his hands an important collection of the plants of Georgia. Most of the existing botanists of our country had, also, manifested their esteem by transmitting to their respected fellow labourer, some of the fruits of their industry and research. But Mr. Schweinitz did not rely solely on correspondence and exchanges, for the augmentation of his herbarium.

After the decease of our late Vice President, Zaccheus Collins, Esq., Mr. Schweinitz became the purchaser, for a valuable consideration, of that part of his herbarium known as the Baldwin collection, containing