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The following are the full titles of Mr. Schweinitz' scientific publications, as far as we have been able to collect them. Of the other productions of his pen, many of which were published in foreign countries, and some of which still remain in manuscript, we have not been so fortunate as to obtain copies in time for this memoir:

1. Conspectus Fungorum in Lusatiæ superioris agro Niskiensi crescentium e methodo Persooniana. Cum tabulis XII. æneis pictis, Species novas XCIII. sistentibus.

Auctoribus J. B. de Albertini,
L. D. de Schweinitz.
Lipsiæ, 1805.(Sumptibus Kummerianis.)

2. Synopsis Fungorum Carolinæ superioris secundum observationes Ludovici Davidis de Schweinitz, Soc. Nat. Cur. Lips. Sodalis, etc.

Edita a D. F. Schwægrichen.
E commentariis societatis naturæ curiosorum Lipsiensis excerpta.(No date.)

3. Specimen Floræ Americæ Septentrionalis Cryptogamicæ, sistens muscos hepaticos hucusque in Am. Sep. observatos, or

Specimen of a systematic arrangement and descrip-