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H \mathfrak{H}, called haw, aspirated except before j and v.
I \mathfrak{I} " ee, pronounced as ee in tree; and i in bit.
J \mathfrak{J} " yodth " as y in yell.
K \mathfrak{K}
L \mathfrak{L}
M \mathfrak{M}
N \mathfrak{N}

" as in English.
O \mathfrak{O} " o " when long, as o in bore; when short, as o in dog.
P \mathfrak{P} " pey " as in English.
Q \mathfrak{Q} " coo q is always followed by v instead of u. Qv is pronounced the same as English qu.
R \mathfrak{R} " err " like English r.
S \mathfrak{S} " ess " like English s, hard.
T \mathfrak{T} " tey " as in English.
U \mathfrak{U} " oo " as oo in spoon, or as u in full.
V \mathfrak{V} " vey " as v in vale, and when preceded by s as w in scowl.
Y \mathfrak{Y} " u (French) " as French u in dure, and in nul.
Å or Aa Fraktur Å.png, called aw " like aw in saw, or like o in sorrow.
Æ Fraktur Æ.png " eh " like a in pale.
Ö Fraktur Ø.png ö Fraktur ø.png eu (French) " like eu in sœur, and in peu.

The letters w, x and z only occur in the rendering of foreign words.