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—Two Landscapes, subjects from Milton's Allegro, by Zuccarelli. Hagar and Is/mael, by Ciro Ferri.

The apartments which are shewn terminate with the western pavillion, which consists of a noble kitchen, viewed from a gallery connected with the corridor. A very appropriate motto, enjoining frugality and liberality, is inscribed over the chimney, "Waste not, Want not."

You may imagine, from the above slight account of Kiddlestone-House, that elegance and taste characterize every thing within and about it; but to these let us not forget to observe, that comfort may be added; for the apartments are not reserved for shew alone, but constantly inhabited by the family, and the numerous friends which his Lordship's hospitality invites.

The country, as we pursued our route to Ashbourne, gradually assumed that appearance of "untamed nature," which the Derbyshire scenery so generally exhibits; the hills began to swell into bold and sweeping protuberances, and the face of the country to lose that cloathing of wood on which our eye had hitherto with pleasure reposed. This continued till we dropped into Ashbourne, a neat town embosomed amid lulls, which rise around it on every side, and confine within them a rich valley, through the centre of whose lap the river