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Marquis valued this picture so highly as to keep it constantly in his own bedchamber.

A Cupid; fine copy from Titian.—The Six Poets of Italy; a singularly striking groupe, by Vasari.

Cardinal Richelieu; an original picture, half-length. He was prime minister to Louis XIII. and one of the greatest politicians that ever directed the affairs of any nation. Whilst employed in rendering absolute the power of the crown, he had the address so far to engage the minds of the people, and promote the honour of the nation, as to make them willing parties to the sacrifice of their remaining liberties. He instituted a botanic garden at Paris; founded the French Academy; established the royal press; rebuilt the college of Sorbonne; and, by his counsels to Mazarine, laid the foundation of all the wonders displayed by France during the reign of Louis XIV. He died 1642, and was interred in the college which he had rebuilt; where a superb mausoleum was erected to the memory of one who had so liberally promoted learning, and furnished a magnificent specimen of the arts which he had so largely patronized.

A Virgin and Jesus, from the Orleans collection; by Raphael.

James Graham first Marquis of Montrose, In the catalogue of Charles's followers, distinguished