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and afterwards went in the same character to the States-General; from whence he removed to assist in concluding the peace at Utrecht. Soon after the arrival of George I. in England, he was removed from all official situations; but such was the estimation in which he was held by the Hollanders, that on quitting the Hague, he was presented with a gold medal and chain worth 6000 gilders. Obiit 1739.

A curious picture containing three crowned personages, Frederick first King of Prussia, Augustus of Poland, and Frederick of Denmark, dancing. This picture was presented to the above ambassador, to perpetuate the remembrance of a fête given by him at Berlin A. D. 1705, at which these royal personages, with the Queen of Prussia, assisted.

Mary Princess of Orange, daughter of James II. and Queen of William III. It is a curious fact, that even after James had forfeited all pretensions to the throne, yet so unwilling were the people to adopt any one who might appear like a deviation from the regular line of hereditary succession, that it was at first determined to place the crown on the head of Mary, and not of William. Obiit 1694, Æt. 33. Vandyck.

Thomas Earl of Strafford on horseback.— Four Views of Rome, by Carnialetti.