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table, inlaid with one hundred and seventy-one specimens of ancient and modern marble; and two others of Egyptian granite.

In the breakfast-room are the portraits of Thomas first Lord Grantham, grandfather of the present noble possessor;—of Thomas, his father;—and of the late William Weddell, esq; (painted at Rome) contemplating the statue of a dying Cleopatra; a subject that points out his classical turn, at the same time that his countenance marks a mind peculiarly adapted for the pursuit of every thing connected with elegance and taste, arts and letters.—Lady Grantham; grandmother to the present Lord.—The chimney and slab are formed from blocks of curious Egyptian granite.

In the library are another portrait of the late Mr. Weddell, with a face pale, studious, and interesting; a fine table in Mosaic of different marbles; and a pamting of Apollo rewarding Poetry.

The drawing-room (forty feet by twenty) is hung with the most exquisite specimens of Gobelin tapestry in Europe, and ornamented with two other fine tables of variegated marbles.

The ante-chamber is singularly beautiful, chaste, and classical; fitted up with stuccoed Etruscan ornaments, and admirable chair-oscuras, in different