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An antique Term; the upper part female, with beautiful face, and wings on the shoulders; a cantharus in the right hand, and in the left four united torches inflamed, the emblems of the four elements.—Opposite to it is a Piping Boy, antique; standing on a small circular altar.

In the further apartment, we find

A Negro's Head, antique; black marble.—Augustus; an antique colossal bust; inelegant.—A small square sarcophagus with a moveable cover; elaborately sculptured with high relief.—A large ditto, ornamented in the same manner, representing Children at their sports.—A Dancing Faun; small whole length antique.—Colossal bust of Alexander; antique, with a casque upon the head; the hair uncommonly bold and free. It seems to have been the affectation of the hero himself, and of his admirers after him, to have representations of him made upon a gigantic scale; in order to impress upon posterity more forcibly the idea of his greatness; as if mental superiority were naturally associated with an extended form. A medallion of antique porphyry; Omphale, labouring under the club and lion's skin of Hercules.

Apollo; an antique whole length statue; the god is resting himself against the trunk of a tree, after having destroyed the Python. This is a fine statue,