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retreat of the most beautiful and agreeable nature imaginable. The variety of the scenes which they open also is remarkable; deep glades and solemn dells; scarred rock and verdant lawn ; sylvan glades and proud castellated edifices. From the elegant new bridge, the last-mentioned feature is seen to great effect; the castle and cathedral blending their battlements and turrets together, rise with inconceivable majesty from the sacred groves which clothe their rocky foundations. The combination here of trees and buildings, water and rock, home sylvan scenery and fine distance, is at once beautiful and grand.

Quitting Durham by the Newcastle turnpike, we bent our course towards Cocken-Hall, the property of Mr. Carr Ibbetson; and for this purpose turned out of the great road at the three-mile stone, and stretched across a country hardly passable in the finest weather for wheel-carriages; a nearer way than by Chester-le-street, but accompanied with difficulties that more than equal the advantage of lessened distance. On reaching the mansion, which stands upon a hill, and overlooks a pleasing country, we were unspeakably disappointed to find that the small but select: collection of pictures which rendered Cocken-Hall one of the shew places of Durham, had been removed on the preceding