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Below Bridge.
Below Bridge.
Fathom. Fathom.
St. Anthon's 135 Sherift-Hill 80
Heaton-Main 80 Tyne-main 65
Walker 100 Brandling Ditto 70
Bigg's-Main 90 Usworth 77
Wall's-End 105 Hebburn 132
Burton 105
Wellington 121
Flatworth 86
Above Bridge. Above Bridge.
Wylam 32 Whitefield 45
Walbottle 51 Pontop 80
Baker's-Main 25 Tanfield 45
Montagu ditto 60 South Moor 45
Kenton 70 Low-Moor 60
Adair's-Main 95 Team 60

The stratification of these works is for the most part more horizontal than that of other great fields of coal, particularly below the bridge to the east of the town, where the general declination to the north-east may be about one foot in seven yards. Brown and white freestone, here called post, and argillaceous schistus of various thickness such hardness, called blue, grey, or black metal, or metal-stone, (according to their hardness, and proportion of gritty and micacious particles) are the accompanying strata’', their orders and thickness, as well as of the beds of coal varying in the different works. The coal produced from these mines