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"and seen into, their service was to no such purpose, but only to lend air and light downward into the concealments, where such as were inclosed in them at any time should be hidden. Eleven secret corners and conveyances were found in the said house, all of them having books, massing stuff, and Popish trumpery, in them, only two excepted, which appeared to have been found on former searches, and therefore had now the less credit given to them. But Mayster Abbingdon would take no knowledge of any of these places, nor that the books or massing stuff were any of his, until at length the deeds of his lands were found in one of them, whose custody doubtless he would not commit to any place of neglect, or where he should have no intelligence of them, whereto he could then devise no sufficient excuse. Three days had been fully spent, and no man found there all this while; but upon the fourth day in the morning, from behind the wainscoat in the galleries, came forth two men of their own voluntary accord, as being no longer able there to conceal themselves, for they confessed, that they had but one apple between them, which was all the sustenance they had received during the time they were thus hidden. One of them was named Owen, who