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cheu superstes, et in eodem sepulchro ipse olim sepeliendus. At per Jesum Christum salvatorem suum, ad vitae melioris diuturniora guadia, lachrymis in aeternum abstrusis, se cum ilia resurrecturum conridens."

The English Epitaph is as follows :

"To the memory of LUCY LYTTELTON, daughter of Hugh Fortescue, of Filleigh in the county of Devon, esq; father to the present Earl of Clinton, by Lucy his wife, the daughter of Matthew Lord Aylmer, who departed this life the 19th of January 1746-7, aged 29; having employed the short time assigned to her here in the uniform practice of religion and virtue.

"Made to engage all hearts, and charm all eyes;
Though meek, magnanimous; though witty, wise;
Polite, as all her life in courts had been,
Yet good, as she the world had never seen;
The noble fire of an exalted mind,
With gentlest female tenderness combin'd;
Her speech was the melodious voice of love,
Her song the warbling of the vernal grove.
Her eloquence was sweeter than her song,
Soft as her heart, and as her reason strong.
Her form each beauty of her mind exprest,
Her mind was Virtue by the Graces drest."

In the Gallery, (a fine room, but low in proportion to its length, though this aukward effect, is judiciously attempted to be counteracted by pillars at either end) we find a Virgin and Infant Christ by Old Stone; the child natural and easy, its head thrown back, and laughing face.

Two antique busts, without drapery.