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Archibald T. Strong Australia to England 67
C. Fox Smith Farewell to Anzac 67
Will H. Ogilvie Queenslanders 68
Ben Kendim The New Zealander 69
Henry Lawson Song of the Dardanelles 70
Henry Lawson Fighting Hard 72
Laurence Binyon To the Belgians 74
Edith Wharton Belgium 75
Lieutenant Herbert Asquith A Flemish Village 76
Sir Owen Seaman To Belgium in Exile 76
Gilbert Keith Chesterton The Wife of Flanders 77
M. Forrest The Heroes 78
Cecil Chesterton France 79
Hilaire Belloc Sedan 80
Charlotte Holmes Crawford Vive la France! 80
Herbert Jones To France 82
Florence Earle Coates Place de la Concorde 82
John Finley The Valleys of the Blue Shrouds 84
Grace Ellery Channing Flower-Beds in the Tuileries 86
Henry Van Dyke The Name of France 87
Robert Bridges To the United States of America 88
Vachel Lindsay Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight 88
John Helston "Advance, America!" 90
Morley Roberts To America 90
O. W. Firkins To America in War Time 91
Harry Kemp The New Ally 92
Rudyard Kipling The Choice 92