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List of Illustrations v
Language.—Onomatopœia.—Words formed after the advent of the whites.—Sign-language.—Sanscrit roots.— Words resembling English.— Languages named after the negative.—Tables illustrative of the languages spoken by the natives of Victoria.—Pronouns.—Numeral adjectives.—Comparison of the language spoken in Victoria with the dialects of Moreton Bay, Dippil, Kamilaroi, Bulloo Creek, Lake Macquarie, Cornu tribe, Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Croker Island, Adelaide River, King George's Sound, Swan River, &c.—Sameness of personal pronouns.—Numerals.—Interjections, cries, terms of abuse, &c.—Language of the natives of Lake Tyers in Gippsland—Lake Wellington, Gippsland—Brabrolong, Gippsland—Lake Hindmarsh—Western district.—Lists of words compiled by the Local Guardians of Aborigines.—Inflections.— Vocabularies.—Yarra Yarra and other tribes.—Native names of trees, shrubs, plants, &c.—Native names of localities and natural features in Victoria 1
Appendices.—A. Notes and Anecdotes of the Aborigines of Australia, by Philip Chauncy, J.P., District Surveyor at Ballarat 221
B. Traditions of the Australian Aborigines on the Namoi, Barwan, and other Tributaries of the Darling, communicated by the Rev. William Ridley, M.A., &c. 285
C. Notes on the Natives of Australia, by Albert A. C. Le Souëf 289
D. Notes on the Aborigines of Cooper's Creek, by Alfred W. Howitt, F.G.S., P.M. and Warden, Bairnsdale 300
E. Notes relating to the Aborigines of Australia, by the late John Moore Davis 310
F. Notes on the System of Consanguinity and Kinship of the Brabrolong Tribe, North Gippsland, by A. W. Howitt, F.G.S., P.M. and Warden, Bairnsdale 323
G. Notes on the Language and Customs of the Tribe inhabiting the country known as Kotoopna, by William Locke 333
H. Hunting the Blacks, by the late A. F. A. Greeves 336
I. The Crania of the Natives, by Professor Halford, of the Melbourne University 340
The Aborigines of Tasmania.—Physical character.—Mental characteristics.—Numbers.—Birth, &c.—Marriage.—Death and burial.—Encampments, &c.—Food.—Diseases.—Dress and ornaments.—Weapons.—Implements.—Canoes.—Stone implements.—Fire.—Language 379
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