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Pulpit Rock, Cape Schanck (Frontispiece).
King George's Sound, 1846 to face page 221
Mirnyongs, outlet of Lake Connewarren 233
Native of King George's Sound (male) 236
Natives of King George's Sound (woman and child) 237
Kertamaroo (King John) 246
Mocata (King John's wife) 247
Natives of King George's Sound 248
War dance and a corrobboree (No. 1 221
Mimic war dance, hunting scenes, &c. (No. 2) 257
Groups of squatters 258
Letter to face page 261
Head of a native with ornaments (Cooper's Creek) 302
Adze or gouge) 304
Hand (sign) 308
Hand (sign) 308
Hand (sign) 308
Hands clasped (sign) 308
Hand (copy of ) marked on rock 258
Diagram, showing method of figuring skulls to face page 341
Skull of Australian (A)–
Front view 343
Side view 343
Posterior view 345
From above 345
Inferior view 347
Skull of Morgan, the bushranger (European), (M)–
Front view 349
Side view 349
Posterior view 351
From above 351
Inferior aspect 353
Skull of a Chinese 355
Skull of Australian (probably female), (B)–
Front view 357
Side view 357
From above 359
Inferior aspect 359
Skull of Australian (C)–
Front view 361
Side view 361
From above 363
Inferior aspect 363