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Goulburn River—Koyeela. Murray River—Fingola. Campaspe—Yalook. Hut—Mano. Father—Baapoo. Mother—Cana. Sister—Thajuba. My dear brother—Thoma nien boynupa. My dear sister—Thoma nien thajuba. Little brother—Kidjika. Acquaintance—Jueada. White woman—Malawa uniar. Blackfellow—Ainbootha. Teeth—Derrara. Very hungry, stomach empty—Turneja malunwick, eetumut boolie. Give me some bread—Mitther eeyanook. Be off to your camp, all of you—Berumja beriarroo, mano noothiga. Go and cut some bark for me—Beriarroo wabuja yalmin neenee.

The three following: were favorite corrobborees :—


Berri berri ma jildomba,
Berri berri ma jildomba,
Berri berri ma jildomba naga.
Athen jindema, no goi-eela;
Jindema, jindema, 0-en-dethen-o.
Warrim bang-e, berri berri ma jildomba-a,
Berri berri ma jildomba, berri berri ma jildomba.


Aree muthe-e, aree mutho-o,
Aree mutha, comang-a thalitanga magoonba;
Malang-oree, malang-oree.
Mullin mullin jing-a magoonbang-a jilitang-a,
Jing-a jing-a, gothanga, magoontanga thalato.


Thuuda irra tha, thunda roroo,
Gra imalang-a imee-e;
Tlmnda irra tha, thunda re-e,
Gra imalang-a, imme-e-e.

Some years ago I revisited the scenes of my youth. The once powerful tribe of Pangorangs had dwindled down to eight or ten men and four women. They did not recollect me at first; but when I mentioned my name, the old men were delighted. As a proof of the march of civilization, the women were engaged at the camp playing with cards—the intellectual game of "All Fours." O tempora, mores!