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(By George B. Halford, M.D., Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the University of Melbourne.)

Having been requested by Mr. Brough Smyth to superintend the drawing of some Australian skulls, and to append to them a few notes, I have done so in as simple a manner as possible, and have afterwards added some measurements suitable to the strictly scientific enquirer.

The reader may depend upon the accuracy of Major Shepherd's drawings; and of the manner in which they were done he shall speak for himself.

G. B. H.


The series of drawings from the skulls committed to my care comprises four drawings of each, viz.:—

  1. A front view.
  2. A side view or profile.
  3. A view of the base of the skull.
  4. A view of the skull from above.

There is also a drawing of the skull of (M), and of the Australian Aboriginal (A) seen from behind.

The method adopted to secure a perfectly similar position and point of view for each specimen in the different aspects chosen was as follows:—

A board was adjusted with its upper surface quite level. On the front edge of this board, and rising perpendicularly from it, a frame was placed, with crossed threads (perpendicular and horizontal) an inch apart, the lowest thread coinciding with the surface of the board.