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Above the Battle

all will ring together in unison. The test is good. Let us be thankful. Those who desired to separate us have joined our hands.

R. R.

December 31, 1914.


A number of literary and scientific men at Barcelona, as far removed from amorphous internationalism on the one hand as from mere parochialism on the other, have banded themselves together to affirm their unchangeable belief in the moral unity of Europe, and to further this belief as far as the suffocating conditions resulting from the present tragic circumstances permit.

We set out from the principle that the terrible war which to-day is rending the heart of this Europe of ours is, by implication, a Civil War.

A civil war does not exactly mean an unjust war; still, it can only be justified by a conflict between great ideals, and if we desire the triumph of one or the other of these ideals, it must be for the sake of the entire European Commonwealth and its general well-being. None of the belligerents, therefore, can be allowed to aim at the complete destruction of its opponents; and