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For Europe (Holland)

some form of intercourse, social as well as spiritual.

The fewer fierce accusations have been breathed on either side, the less one nation has attacked the character of the other: in short, the less lasting bitterness has been roused, so much the easier will it be afterwards to take up again the broken threads of international intercourse.

This rousing of hatred and bitterness is also an impediment in the way that leads our thoughts towards peace.

Every one who in word or writing rails at the enemy or excites national passions is responsible for the longer duration of this horrible war.

Therefore, we the undersigned, appeal to all those of the same mind, especially among those belonging to the warring nations, to co-operate for this purpose: that in word and writing everything be avoided that may rouse lasting animosity.

We especially address this appeal to those who influence public opinion in their own country, to men of science and to artists, to those who long ago have realised that in all civilised countries there are men and women with the same notions of justice and morality as they have themselves.