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which represent and by electromagnetic vectors, and finding them is our next goal. Accordingly, we can separate the terms in (17), which only contain derivatives with respect to time, from those ones, into which the divergence of is inserted as a factor; thus the equations are given


The elimination of gives:


This relation will serve us to determine the components of momentum density, after the right-hand side is expressed as a linear function of the acceleration components, based on the characteristic relations (of this theory) between the electromagnetic vectors.

For the components of perpendicular to , the condition is given from (Vb) and (11)


This has to be satisfied in any case, since otherwise the system would exhibit an inner contradiction.

From (16) and (17b), the energy density is determined


According to (Va), the sum of relative normal stresses amounts to

consequently it follows in accordance with (10)

so that the remarkable relation exists


If one inserts value (19) of as well as expressions (Va) for the relative stresses into (12), then one obtains for the energy current


an expression, which because of the known calculation rules, passes into

when it is put for brevity's sake

Instead of it, it can also be written