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From that it follows


while (49a) gives

(49d) .

Since one now has according to (48c)

thus it is given


The insertion of this expression and the corresponding magnetic term into (31), gives (instead of value (32) of momentum density) the corrected value


That relation (18) is satisfied, can easily be verified.

If the value (50) of is inserted in the general formula (19) for the energy density, then it follows instead of (33)


One also obtains, because of (20), the corrected formula for the energy current


From (50) and (52) one can see, that also in Lorentz's theory (when modified in the given way) the relation between the energy current and momentum density exists:


which we already encountered in Minkowski's theory.

This result was to be expected; after the equations connecting and with and , are brought into agreement, no essential difference exists any more between both theories from the standpoint of our system.