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A New Home

When Abraham was twenty-one years old, his father decided to move once more. He learned that farther west in Illinois, there was rich prairie land where it would be easy to make a comfortable home. Two other families decided to go with the Lincolns. Heavy ox-carts were loaded with furniture and supplies, and the party started out with hearts full of hope.

Abraham carried with him thirty dollars' worth of "notions," which he sold for such good prices to the settlers along the way, that by the end of the journey he had gained thirty dollars by his sales.

As they travelled along, a small thing happened which showed Abraham's tender heart even for dumb creatures. The party had to cross an icy stream, and when they reached the other side they found that a dog had been left behind. It stood on the shore crying pitifully. Should it be allowed to stay there and starve?

"Indeed not," declared Abraham. He hurriedly drew off his shoes, waded across the stream, and was soon on his way back with the dog under his arm. The poor little creature was now so happy that Lincoln said afterwards he