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Grant's, Sherman's, Sheridan's and others by President Lincoln. To which of these two will you men and women of the South render the meed of your reverence, honor and respect? I know your answer, because I know and honor you.

But this is, by no means, all. Judge Jeremiah S. Black, of Pennsylvania, writing to Mr. Charles Francis Adams, said:

"I will not pain you by a recital of the wanton cruelties they (the Lincoln administration) inflicted upon unoffending citizens. I have neither space, nor skill, nor time, to paint them. A life-sized picture of them would cover more canvas than there is on the earth. * * * Since the fall of Robespierre, nothing has occurred to cast so much disrepute on republican institutions." (See Black's Essays, p. 153.)


"He left a Corsair's name to other times
Linked with one virtue and a thousand crimes."


In the address issued by General Lee to the people of Maryland when his army first entered that State, in September, 1862, he said:

"It is right that you should know the purpose that brought the army under my command within the limits of your State,