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No of Act Pages
IThe Rehabalitation Finance Administration (Amendment) Act, 19501–2
IIThe Patents and Designs (Extension of Time) Act, 19501–2
IIIThe Insolvency Law (Amendment) Act 19501-2
IVThe Preventive Detention Acr 19501-4
VThe Indian Tariff (Amendment), 19501
VIThe Imports end Exports (Control) Amendment Act1
VIIThe High Courts (Seals) Act 19501
VIIIThe Control of Shipping (Amendment) Act, 19501
IXThe Indian Tea Control (Amendment) Act 19501
XThe Immigrants (Expulsion from Assam)1–2
XIThe Indian Railways (Amendment) Act 19501
XIIThe Emblems and Names (Prevention of Improper Use) Act 19501–2
XIIIThe Delhi Road Transport Authority Act 19501–14
XIVThe Criminal Law Amendment Act, 19501
XVThe Judicial Commissioners' Courts (Declaration as High Courts) Act, 19501
XVIThe Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Act, 19501
XVIIDurgah Khawaja Saheb (Emergency Provisions) Act, 19501–2
XVIIThe Special Criminal Courts (Jurisdiction) Act, 19501
XIXThe Parliament (Prevention of Disqualification) Act, 19501
XXThe Banking Comparnes (Amendment) Act, 19501–5
XXIThe Indian Tariff (Second Amendment) Act, 19501–2
XXIIThe Capital Issue (Continuance of Control) Amendment. Act, 19501
XXIIIThe Appropriation (Railways) Act 19501–2
XXIVThe Appropriation Act, 19501–3
XXVThe Finance Act, 19501—17
XXVIThe Drugs (Control) Act 19501–4
XXVIIThe Government Premises (Election) Act, 19501–3
XXVIIIThe Sholapur Spinning and Weaving Company (Emergency Provisions) Act, 19501−5
XXIXThe Transfer of Prisoners, Act 19501
XXXThe Part C States (Laws), Act 19501−2
XXXIThe Administration of Evacuee Property, Act1−17
XXXIIThe Indian Patents and Designs (Amendment) Act1−6
XXXIIIThe Opium and Revenue Laws (Extension of Application) Act, 19501–4
XXXIVThe Foreign Exchange Regulation (Amendment) Act, 19501–2
XXXVThe Repealing and Amending Act 19501–6
XXXVINawab Salar Jung Bahadur (Administration of Assets) Act, 19501–6
XXXVIIThe Indian Tariff (Third Amendment) Act, 19501
XXXVIIIThe Inland Steam vessels (Amendment) Act, 19501
XXXIXThe Appropriation (No 2) Act, 1950 1–2