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No. 447. — Address to an Emigrant.

and give you rest! You part with many whom you will soon meet again. Where? In heaven or in hell? A little time will decide that question, and decide it for ever. Oh, then let the salvation of your immortal spirit be the chief subject of concern, "and with all your getting, get understanding," the Spirit, the fear and the love of God. I commend you to him, and to the word of his grace which is able to build you up and to give you an inheritance among all them who are sanctified by faith. Amen. Once more, farewell!

How are thy servants bless'd, Lord!
 How sure is their defence!
Eternal Wisdom is their guide,
 Their help, Omnipotence.

In foreign realms, and lands remote,
 Supported by thy care,
Through burning climes they pass unhurt,
 And breathe in tainted air.

In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths,
 Thy goodness we'll adore;
We'll praise thee for thy mercies past,
 And humbly hope for more.
Our life, while thou preserv'st that life,
 Thy sacrifice shall be;
And death, when death shall be our lot,
 Shall join our souls to thee.

London: Printed by W. Clowes and Sons, Duke street, Lambeth, for The Religious Tract Society; and sold at the Depository, 56, Paternoster row, and 65, St. Paul's Churchyard; by J. Nisbet and Co., 21; Berners street, Oxford street; and by other Booksellers.

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