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"Why, Mars Tom, I doan' want no sich glory. Snake take 'n bite Jim's chin off, den whah is de glory? No, sah, I doan' want no sich doin's."

"Blame it, can't you try? I only want you to try—you needn't keep it up if it don't work."

"But de trouble all done, ef de snake bite me while I's a tryin' him. Mars Tom, I's willin' to tackle mos' anything 'at ain't onreasonable, but ef you en Huck fetches a rattlesnake in heah for me to tame, I's gwyne to leave, dat's shore."

three snakes with buttons tied on their tales
"Well, then, let it go, let it go, if you're so bullheaded about it. We can get you some garter-snakes and you can tie some buttons on their tails, and let on they're rattlesnakes, and I reckon that'll have to do."

"I k'n stan' dem, Mars Tom, but blame' 'f I couldn' get along widout urn, I tell you dat. I never knowed b'fo', 't was so much bother and trouble to be a prisoner."

"Well, it always is, when it's done right. You got any rats around here? "

"No, sah, I hain't seed none."

"Well, we'll get you some rats."