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RACHJiJ. CUNNINGHAM. 9 mony, who paid her particular and marked auention" a, moal aaaiduou, m hi, efforts to win and merit her .incere and'^" ^T"'" '^■x'"'"'" of delicate bearing toward, her and lavished very considerable sums in besloling v^uable LnZn,"T 'T' " F"*"' "™"' °f "'h Je»-'». diamond ornament,, &c.ic. to decorate her perfon/ moved thereto by passionate regard, as well as an ardent'desire to att^h her heart's constancy to him through a liberal gra.iflcl t^n ^ "^"J'Z- "' "*!','=•' "« ^^ "° '"'all »liare ; a^d if con^ suincy had been at all amongst the number of her qui il°e^ i^rZ^ ■ "' '"'^ of 'hange, avarice, and their concomi. lic.„.^r '"'°"' "' '^P """ developed themselves in ™er cla?arri..?Jr„' '►'" "'IT "PP""" the predominan cnaracteristics of her natal disposition. hi» gentleman had made some honourable advances and offered r "' '"'"°"'""X acquitted himself of .hrp™po"al. ?„,. .1'," ""^^ "?°" "npo^'anl 'o her advantage and fu- he wT,°" '° '°"«'yjl.'"'d he not. long belore the clo« of ie, in 1 ^""JT- <"«o'"ed that she allowed familiari- ties to many, and bestowed certain favours on other, of the occupant, m the house, which induced him to change hit mode of siege, as he now felt conviction that, that onlv ivas r.T""* '.° »■". "Staining the same privileges'wUh Z, "he ad conceded with so little ceremony to several of hf. mo«  successful though less honourably inclined rival.. Un this suggestion, lhou,:h noi without acme unpleasanC feelings of reluctance, fur hi, attachment for her, "^10 this,) was affectionately sincere, abandoning hi. former hoe, and .ntent.on, (for, a. he reall, loved her%e hopJa. well as intended,) of making her his wife, he alter^hi, ysten, of attack, and taking a new ground of appoLch ho succeeded in carrying his point ; she cnpitulaied 10 Mr,k! .res w.thout a struggle of resistance and yieWed her ner^n to his will more readily ihan he could willingly have ^,1^ reta ^a, much "". ""'"""• """" ""^ -Vumstances, ,0 once adorST. ^ °'""'°" " '"'"*'"' "• "■<■■ <"'J«' " »>«. During tbo remainder of the season, he freely wjojed h«r