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som, blasts in the youthful mind each germ of feminine chastity,) not only countenanced, but applauded by those fashionables and esteemed as the true trails of good breeding and high accomplishment. Witnessing their licentious habits and that with a predisposed leaning to imitation of the example almost constantly before her eyes, she very soon entered into the practice of that, which as yet was only known to her in theory; and we need no supernatural agency to memorialize us of the fact, that she as soon found plenty of instructors there, ready to assist and perfect her in the accomplishment she desired.

At that place of fashionable folly, vice, and profligacy, (Bedford Pa.) while residing with her aunt, (who let off the greater part of her house, in elegantly furnished accommodations to the, what is called, first class of visitants taking up their abode there during the season,) it may be said, the ice of continence was first broken and she (Rachel,) went down rapidly with the full current of licentiousness that surrounded and bore away her youthful inclinations, finally to the wide and overwhelming ocean of sensual pleasures!

Her countenance was the very mirror of every winning grace,—every fascinating beauty,—and every fascinating smile calculated to charm the soul, enslave the heart of man, and hold the lover spell-bound to most inextricable attachment. Amidst and from amongst the gay throng, suitors innumerable were resistlessly attracted to her lovely person, fluttering about the shrine of her matchless charms, like butterflies sporting in the new-life-generating rays of a Mid-summer sun, each striving' to attain the summit of his happiness in her favour and amorous affection:

and lo! wheree'er she turned,
The burning lustre of her eyes inflamed
And rouse the passions to excess untamed.

Wherever she appeared every eye, as if by enchantment lured and held in doating admiration of her charms by some resistless sorcery, seemed fixed immoveably upon her, while the love-inspired heart of each beholder bounding in the enraptured bosom towards her became instantly enslaved in