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::(3) Under Article 92 no area in the State shall be proclaimed a development area for the purposes of any development plan without the concurrence of the Ruler or Governor.
(4) Subject to Clause (5), under Clause (1) of Article 94 (under which in respect of matters in the State List the Federation may conduct research, give advice and technical assistance, etc.) the agricultural and forestry officers of a Borneo State shall consider, but shall not be required to accept, professional advice given to the government of the State.
(5) Clause (2) shall cease to apply—
(a) as regards Article 91, to Singapore if Parliament so pro vides with the concurrence of the Governor ; and
(b) as regards Article 95A, to any State, if Parliament so provides with the concurrence of the Legislative Assembly.
(6) For each representative of a Borneo State or of Singapore becoming entitled, by virtue of Clause (5), to vote on questions before the National Land Council or National Council of Local Government, one shall be added to the maximum number of representatives of the Federal Government on that Council.

Application of Articles 83 to 87
to States not having a Ruler.
(Articles 88).

44. In their application to any of the States not having a Ruler, Articles 83 to 87 shall have effect—

(a) subject to such adaptations (if any) as Parliament may by having a law provide, being adaptations required to secure that they , apply (as nearly as practicable having regard to differences in the system of land tenure) in the same manner as they apply to other States ; and
(b) in the case of the Borneo States and Singapore with the omission in Article 83 of paragraph (a) of Clause (5).


Chapter 1—Borneo States

Amendments of Tenth Schedule
for Borneo States.

45. (1) For the Borneo States there shall be added to the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution as Parts IV and V of that Schedule (with such effect as is provided by the next following section of this Act) the provisions set out as such in the Fifth Schedule to this Act.
(2) At the end of Part II of the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution there shall be added as a new section 6—
" 6. (1) The State road grant payable to Sabah or Sarawak shall, in each of the years 1964 and 1965, be payable at the