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will relax the muscles and call for blood which will revitalize and stimulate the weakened conditions. A woman with this trouble should be careful about bending quickly over, or climbing stairs, until she gains strength.

Retroversion:—Place the patient with face downward on bed or mat and with a small pillow under the lower part of the abdomen. Relax the muscles by applying a hot towel, hot salt bag or hot water-bottle just below the small of the back, and lower part of the abdomen for ten or fifteen minutes. (Hot salt bags are most effective and are easy to handle.) Then rub the back briskly with a circular movement; if tender in front, do not rub the abdomen. The circulation will gradually carry away any inflammation as soon as the muscles reach a normal condition, though kneading of back and abdomen, using sweet oil on the hand, is helpful if the patient can bear it.

The patient must remember that these conditions have been months in coming and only painstaking work and time can restore the weakened organs. The manner of dress is very important; loose, comfortable clothing must be worn. Sleep with the face down as much as possible; nature will correct itself, if allowed, many times.

First Exercise:—Fold arms under forehead and draw right knee up close to body and hold two minutes (unless painful) and slowly straighten, and stretch very slowly. Do the same with the left leg until the patient can repeat the exercise twelve times with each