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Introduction 5
Preface to the Second Edition 7
History Of The Study Of Alcohol.
Discovery of distillation—First American investigator of effects of alcohol—Medical Declarations—Sir B. W. Richardson's researches—Scientific Temperance Instruction in American Schools—Committee of Fifty 9
The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in Opposition to Alcohol as Medicine.
How the Opposition began—Memorial to International Medical Congress—Origin of Medical Temperance Department—Objects of the department—Public agitation against patent medicines originated by the department—Laws of Georgia, Alabama and Kansas on Medical prescription of alcohol 21
Alcohol as a Producer of Disease.
Alcohol a poison—Sudden deaths from brandy—Changes in liver, kidneys, heart, blood-vessels and nerves caused by alcohol—Beer and wine as harmful as the stronger drinks—Alcohol causes indigestion—Other diseases caused by alcohol—Deaths from alcoholism in Switzerland 28
Temperance Hospitals.
The London Temperance Hospital—Methods of treatment—The Frances E. Willard Temperance Hospital, Chicago—“As a beverage” in the pledge—Address by Miss Frances E. Willard at opening of hospital—The Red Cross Hospital Clara Barton and non-alcoholic