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Introduction 5
Preface to the Second Edition 7
History Of The Study Of Alcohol.
Discovery of distillation — First American investigator of effects of alcohol — Medical Declarations — Sir B. W. Richardson's researches — Scientific Temperance Instruction in American Schools — Committee of Fifty 9
The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in Opposition to Alcohol as Medicine.
How the Opposition began — Memorial to International Medical Congress — Origin of Medical Temperance Department — Objects of the department — Public agitation against patent medicines originated by the department — Laws of Georgia, Alabama and Kansas on Medical prescription of alcohol 21
Alcohol as a Producer of Disease.
Alcohol a poison — Sudden deaths from brandy — Changes in liver, kidneys, heart, blood-vessels and nerves caused by alcohol — Beer and wine as harmful as the stronger drinks — Alcohol causes indigestion — Other diseases caused by alcohol — Deaths from alcoholism in Switzerland 28
Temperance Hospitals.
The London Temperance Hospital — Methods of treatment — The Frances E. Willard Temperance Hospital, Chicago — “As a beverage” in the pledge — Address by Miss Frances E. Willard at opening of hospital — The Red Cross Hospital Clara Barton and non-alcoholic