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The Selfish Creatures

("In this age of discontent, hundreds of thousands of girls, who have no necessity to support themselves, leave home in order to win pin money."—Anti-suffrage leaflet.  Apply to G. D. M., Albany.)

I stopped to ask a scrub-woman:
"Why labour like a man?
You cannot feed your children?  Well,
There must be some one can."
She said: "I merely work because
I need a feather fan."

I went to a steam laundry,
And asked with smile polite:
"Ladies, why will you work so late?"
They said: "We think it right
To buy our opera cloaks ourselves,
And so we work at night."

Observe how nagging women are:
Their work is just a feint
To make Man feel inadequate,
And selfish—which he ain't.
True womanhood would rather starve,
And starve without complaint!

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