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(A distinguished opponent has been converted to the principles of woman suffrage.  Under the title "Personal Liberty" he writes in Case and Comment: "American freedom is the child of American democracy.  It involves equal rights and equal duties. . . . The state on the one hand should refrain scrupulously from giving to any individual or association advantages which are denied to others.  All should be on an equal plane of opportunity as far as the law can give it.")

O Liberty, how many men there are
Who do you honour in a flowing phrase,
In martial measures and in patriot lays,
Invoking you as goddess and as star;
Though fire and cruelty and bloodshed mar
Your pathways, every deed of yours they praise
So they were done in long forgotten days,
Or rumoured in strange lands, unknown and far;
But when you first approach them, when you turn
On their pale eyes your eyes' unwavering light,

[ 17 ]