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On the Woman's Account

("The ——— National Bank values the woman's account.  True, a woman ordinarily has not at her command and disposition funds in the amount customarily handled by a man, but the aggregate of a number of women's accounts is useful to a bank. . . .

"The ——— National Bank maintains a separate department for women's accounts, with a maid in attendance, and a businesslike but courteous service."—Adv.)

*   *   *   *   *   *

It's a proud day, my sisters,
For all the female clans;
A bank will take our money,
As if it were a man's!
In a pioneering spirit
They'll accept it,—cash or checks,
Our timid, trifling money,
Money of the weaker sex.

Our gold seems just as golden,—
Or so these flatterers say—
Our ounce of silver weighs as much
As any man's could weigh;
And our long, long green ones,

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