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and yet it certainly was a person, for it had eyes, nose, and mouth, and even a mous­tache. It was seated on a high board fence on which was a sign with "NO PASSING THROUGH" on it in large letters.

"You can't pass," cried the creature as Alice approached; "that is, unless I allow you to. Nobody can pass without my help."

"Whom have I the honor of addressing?" asked Alice.

"Humpty Dumpty of Manter Hall," said the creature, extending his hand. "How do you do?"

Alice could not help repeating to herself the old nursery rhyme:

"Humpty Dumpty of Manter Hall,
If it weren't for you we'd go to the wall,
All the Dean's office and all the Dean's men
Would be forced to double their business then."

"Are you coming to my Seminar?" asked Humpty Dumpty after a pause. "A Semi­nar is a place where you can learn in three

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