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Thereupon the Hatter stood up, and began to sing, in a tune which was a mixture of "Fair Harvard" and "Yankee Doodle,"—

"We are the Student Council.
We were fathered by a Crime.
Our word is law,
Our law is words,
Believe me, every time.
We draw up constitutions,
We submit resolutions,
We cogitate,
We mediate,
We elevate,
We meditate,
And are known for doing nothing
In every land and clime."

"That's very pretty," said Alice. "I don't think I ever heard anything like it before."

"I hear you are on probation," said the March Hare looking severely at Alice. "Hereafter you can take part in no College Activities—By-law 68, Article 507, Sec­tion 1654 of the Revised Constitution."

This was so rude that it was beyond en-

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