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"Thank you," said Alice. "I'm sure I don't know how I came to forget it."

"Is there anything else you would like to know?" said the Black Knight politely. "I can tell you your age, class, and marks for the last three years; also your brother's, father's, grandfather's and great-grand­father's names, classes, marks, and general appearance."

"What a wonderful person you must be!" said Alice, drying her eyes.

"Not at all," replied the Black Knight. "It is all in a day's work. You see, I have two assistants—the Queen and the Recorder."

"What does the Recorder do?" asked Alice.

"He counts the number of cuts it takes to sever connection with the University," the Black Knight answered.

"It must be very trying sort of work," said Alice.

"Yes, he's trying all the time," said the Black Knight, "but he never succeeds with­out the Queen's help."

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