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caught sight of Alice and the Black Knight, he cried:

"What do you want here?"

"I just wanted to see," began Alice timidly, "what you are doing."

"Oh," said the Mouse in a relieved tone. "Well, I am just correcting this inscription. It is quite inaccurate. General Washington was never here. In fact, I find that he was never within twenty miles of here. I have also discovered that he never took command of the American Army for the simple reason that the American Army is a myth. I am now beginning to doubt that there was ever such a person as George Washington."

"There's a George Washington Cram," said the Black Knight.

"That is also a myth," said the Chan­ning Mouse, "and I can prove it."

"Oh!" cried Alice, who had been reading another tablet, "did Paul Revere ride by here?"

"Paul Revere is another myth," said the Mouse.

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