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"What is the matter?" said Alice. "You must have hurt his feelings."

"Oh no," said Tweedle. "He is just tak­ing himself seriously, that's all. He is pretty good at it, but I can do almost as well. Watch me."

Thereupon Tweedle also heaved a deep sigh and two large tears trickled down his cheeks. This made Alice feel very uncomfortable. She thought she ought to say something to cheer them up, but was not quite certain how to begin.

"Can you tell me," she asked at last, "the way out of the wood?"

Twaddle dried his eyes with a large yellow pocket-handkerchief.

"I don't know how to go out," he said, "but I can tell you how to come out. I come out every month. That's why I am some­ times called the Monthly."

"And I come out every other week," said Tweedle.

"Are you coming out this week?" asked Alice.

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