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Then this the glad light of the holy day saw:
Father-hands trembling raised to the sky;
Mother-arms open wide as she gathered him in
On her dear faithful bosom to lie.
And this the clear air of the Christmas-time heard
"I thank Thee, great God, for this grace:
Now lettest Thy servant go home in content
Since again I have seen the child s face."


WITH gypsy cloak and painted face,
With elfish speech my lips between,
I stole unknown upon my friend
To tell his fortune Hallow-e'en.

I knew how dim distrust had come
To goad him with its angry smart;
I knew that pretty Madge, for all
Her coquetry, was true at heart.

He only saw her smile on Fred,
And then with frown and bitter pain
He turned away, and tried to flirt
With rosy, golden-haired Elaine.

I saw fair Madge, behind his back,
Grow sad and still and quite distrait,
Till Fred, discouraged, very soon
Made some excuse, and walked away.