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And leave a fair wreck on the sorrowful shore Whence oceans returning bring tidings no more. They held up her hand, so transparent and pale, And prescribed (just to think of it !) double-X ale. One looked at her tongue, and discovering fever, Declared only Hahnemann s drugs would relieve


Another one said, it was all indigestion, A fault of the liver without any question. But all shook their heads in a way quite distressing, Her dangerous state in a manner confessing ; While poor Arabella grew paler and thinner Ate nothing for breakfast, the same for her dinner And sat looking off, with her eyes softly shining With dew on their lids, while others were dining.

Again they resort to their counsel the major

(A family friend is a wonderful treasure),

And bid him prescribe for the heart he had smitten

While striving to win her a brilliant position.

" More going about, more life and variety,

Hither and thither go follow society;

Buy pretty new dresses and India shawls,

And travel about to the Springs and the Falls.

Go, take my advice ; ere the season is over

The girl will forget the poor soldier, her lover."

So Mrs. George Dynevor, liking the plan,

Considered the major a wonderful man,

Then bought for the damsel bright webs of the loom

As gorgeous as gardens of Persia in bloom

�� �