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Where they play risky games " Stakes?"

" Diamonds and hearts;"

Where they drive in caleches, coupes, and dog-carts ; But still, in the midst of the drinking and dining, Fair, quiet, and pale, Arabella was pining.

So where the world s lovers with truest devotion Go down to the surf of the solemn old Ocean, There was seen on the drive the great Dynevor car riage,

And the girl who was saved from a very poor mar riage.

Lord Castlemaine, fresh from the isle o er the water, Bent down his bald head to George Dynevor s

daughter ;

And Hyflyer Carbuncle said he should die Without her (he didn t, between you and I) ; A poet addressed her a wonderful sonnet ; A Quaker beau swore by the rose on her bonnet. She cared not a whit for the heart-broken beaux No smile for their worship, no tear for their woes But, watching the moon by the sad-sounding sea, Sat dreaming of Arthur and where he might be.

Then, finding the damsel was tired of balls,

They whirled her away to Niagara Falls,

Where, panting, she watched how the rock-shattered


Came on to the doom that should gulf it for ever No rest for its flood, for its turmoil no calm, Till the waves at its foot sung a sorrowful psalm

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