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All friends who vowed remembrance,

And straightway then forgot ; All surly souls who envy

The sunbeams in my lot ;

All Pharisees and hard folks,

Who count a smile a sin ; All eyes which motes discover,

Yet bear a beam within ;

Good folks who only blunder,

Yet step on fraying strings, Nor fear with hand unshrinking

To touch one s holy things.

Thus is my good ship freighted.

Does anybody know Of any ugly people

They think had better go ?


SNOW-WHITE and cold lay the frost in the gar den,

Glittering brightly, but bitterly chill ; Snow-white and cold that morn in September, The ghost of the summer-time slept on the hill.

The four-o clock shuddered and folded her petals, The meek mignonette bent her head;

While pale yellow leaves from the maple-tree falling Seemed soft silent tears for the summer-time dead.

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