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��This corner where they still are bright, Out of the staring common light, With spray and leaf and bud of green, To keep in mind the gay " has been ;" While by yon curtain-sheltered spot Looks up the blue forget-me-not.

��Perchance the carpet may not fit, Through stress of purse or lack of wit, And roses lie half cut in two, As roses now and then will do Poor hopes that knew a moment s sun ! Ah, well ! the story is not done ; Some time there ll be an upper room Where rounded roses fair shall bloom.

Perhaps by yonder secret door Comes wearing trouble, till the floor Is almost seen. Let patient skill Repair it with an earnest will ; Then there will be a spot to pray, Where strength is needed day by day ; So best shall Life s worn carpet be Mended with patient hand and knee.

��� �