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TRACKS out over the wide white snow, Tracks this morning in rank and row, Broidered and braided in pearly dun Worked with the light of the early sun.

See ! on the sides of the lonely road, Where the woodman goes with a creaking load, Yon hieroglyphics ; look you well, By the seeded plume of the pimpernel,

How a beaten track, as of little toes, Hither, and thither, and yonder, goes : An unthrifty chipmunk, out of food, Forages now in the winter wood.

Lighter and tinier, here and there, Like a line engraving, faint and fair, I see the path where the sparrow trod Wee, trustful pensioner of God.

His monogram has the rabbit cut, With a flying leap and a huddled foot ; Hot-pressed on the snowy page it lies : Bunny, his mark" not over-wise.

Down by the spring, around the stack, About the barn, up hill and back, The heavy hoofs of the patient kine Dug tiny wells in a double line.

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