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"What are the bids for Eyrie stock?"

"What is the time by Clytie s clock?"

"What does the Carrier-Pigeon bring?"

" Columbia s eagle has hurt her wing ;"

" Poor Lark is dead ! left a helpless wife !"

" Insured ? Oh yes ! in the New York Life ; "

"So she will have only grief to bear,

Without the pressure of daily care."

"What tidings under the Seabird s wing?"

"A ship aground, like an idle thing;

Her cargo lost ! her crew afloat

On the open sea in a leaky boat."

"Where s Corvus gone? Ah ! don t you know

He was a most dishonest crow?

A corporation in black coats

Levied on grain- fields, paid in notes

Uncurrent, and all fled but he,

Who swings on yonder apple tree."

The while this noisy chat goes on, The Lady-birds have been since dawn Singing, to stretch their little throats, Brushing their glossy redingotes, Daintily lining rounded nests, Carefully brushing snowy vests, Chattering, oh, so loud and clear, I held my breath their tones to hear.

" Old Rusty Rook a book has written ;" " Ann Oriole gave Jay the mitten ;"


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