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With trust of the fearless,

With joy of the tearless, With faith by the traitor untried,

They clamored and crowded,

And slowly unshrouded, To fight for the guerdon denied :

"Shall we be belated ?

The birds have all mated, For Robin the tale told to-day ;

Gay sunshine is calling,

The tender dew falling ; Then why should a flower-bulb stay ?

"Mother Earth can t compel us

To stay, though she tell us Of north wind, and ice on the lawn ;

She has grown grim and older,

Her feelings are colder, Her youthful vivacity gone."

They were up in the border,

The gay ranks in order, When, lo ! came the Northman, Jack Frost;

He chanced to remember

A sunny December,

So made up the time he had lost.

Then the corps so defying Fell blasted and dying, All struck by the terrible spear ;

�� �