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(In answer to the song, "Won t you tell me why, Robin?")

YOU bid me tell you why, Jenny, I come no longer near; You think my heart is cold, Jenny,

Biding in silence here; You think I never try the gate Nor give you blossoms gay ; I cannot tell you why, Jenny, But sighing turn away.

You do not know that late at night

I kiss the little gate, Because your hand has rested there

Its warm and willing weight ; You know not how I treasure up

The hawthorn spray all torn, Or that upon my breast there lies

A blue knot you have worn.

Well, by and by perchance I ll tell,

And maybe not for ever ; If brother Allan wins you, dear,

I ll tell the reason never. I promised one, an angel now,

To have him in my keeping To guard his golden head from harm,

His heart from care and weeping.

�� �