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Strangely out of place its roughness Showed beside the blossoms gay ;

Bloom above, and labor under Tis the world s old-fashioned way.

And the lovely idle lilies,

Born aristocrats, remain, While the plodding human toiler

Plucks his guerdon out of pain.


A FLECK of light on the psalm-book shone, And it quivered slow, Beating to and fro With a quicker throb than the organ s tone.

Not the sun s own ray, for I faced the west,

And the ruddy glare

Of his sunset stare Crept even now over brow and breast,

Nodding up and down as if answ ring "Yes,"

Or more softly stirred

By the preacher s word, When he spake of the Master s might to bless;

Or under his solemnly searching thought, Gliding to and fro,

�� �