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Go ask it of History
Years from to-day,
And the record shall tell you,
Not "Company K."

Tho' my darling is sleeping
To-day with the dead,
And daisies and clover
Bloom over his head,
I smile, tho' I'm crying
As I lay it away,
That battle-worn cap
Lettered "Company K."


HI! Harry Holly! Halt! and tell
A fellow just a thing or two;
You've had a furlough—been to see
How all the folks in Jersey do.
It's months agone since I was there—
I, and a bullet from Fair Oaks.
When you were home, old comrade, say,
Did you see any of our folks?

"You did? Shake hands. Oh, ain't I glad?
For if I do look grim and rough,
I've got some feelin'.
People think
A soldier's heart is mighty tough;